Get Yourself The Best 1911 Holster owb Today!

Polymer-framed and striker-fired pistols are the standards for self-defence in the current day. Glock, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, and Walther are some of the most popular brands among civilians, police officers, and military personnel.

A gun owner who wants to carry a hammer-fired, steel-framed pistol, on the other hand, has options. The 1911 platform, which has been upgraded to increase ergonomics and combat effectiveness, remains a sensible choice for self-defence.

The 1911 has a devoted following because of its dependability, ergonomics, accuracy, and history, despite being sold in essentially the same shape for over a century. The 1911 was developed by John Browning and has gone through various revisions over the years. You can expect the following new and improved features:


The original low-profile G.I. sights have been replaced by high-visibility fixed three-dot combat sights. Tritium night sights are created exclusively for the 1911 platform if you need sights to acquire targets in low-light circumstances.


You can more reliably trigger the grip safety with the contemporary upswept beavertail grip safety with memory bump. In addition, the expanded beavertail reduces the possibility of hammer bite.


It has a sweat shield or guard when the back section of the holster raises upward, creating a barrier between your body and the slide. Sweat won’t tarnish the weapon’s finish, causing the slide to rust, thanks to this protective barrier.

Many 1911 pattern handguns have parkerized or blued finishes, which make them more corrosion resistant than other handguns; this can be a very valuable characteristic.


The trigger guard should be entirely enclosed and protected in every holster. This is necessary for carrying your firearm safely. After you’ve drawn your handgun from the 1911 holster owb, your index finger should not be able to penetrate the trigger guard.


If you want to carry your 1911 hidden, you’ll need a holster that is intended to reduce or eliminate printing. When a gun or holster generates a visible silhouette through clothing, it reveals that you’re carrying a weapon. Given the size of the gun, tailoring your garment to conceal the 1911 holster owb and weapon is sometimes the easiest method to achieve this. While intelligent wardrobe tailoring and choices, as well as adjusting your movements, might help to reduce printing, the holster design will also play a part.


It has a sweat shield or guard when the back section of the 1911 holster owb raises upward, creating a barrier between your body and the slide. Sweat won’t tarnish the weapon’s finish, causing the slide to rust, thanks to this protective barrier.

Many 1911-pattern handguns have parkerized or blued finishes, which make them more corrosion resistant than other handguns; this can be a very valuable characteristic.


The trigger guard should be entirely enclosed and protected in every 1911 holster owb. This is necessary for carrying your firearm safely. After you’ve drawn your handgun from the holster, your index finger should not be able to penetrate the trigger guard.

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