A guide to choosing an engagement ring

Many times a man comes to the store with the desire to find the perfect ring to ask for the hand of the love of his life, but many times they have no idea what that engagement ring should look like.

This should not be a time of great difficulty. It is simply a matter of organizing several points so that you find the engagement ring that you would like to give your loved one so much.

1- The style of your love

Although choosing jewelry for another person is not easy, you know the person you are going to marry very well and their tastes, it is valid if you feel disoriented as to how the ring that you like can be if you like it. If this happens, it is convenient that you ask for help from an “accomplice,” be it your sister, your closest friend, or someone you consider who can also help you get clues of what you might like about a jewel.

Data such as the dress color she wears the most, how she puts on makeup can give you signs of what she would like for her engangement ring. And a simple, elegant solitaire ring can be a good option, with a stone in the center giving it that touch of sobriety.

When you go to a jewelry store, it is very common for them to ask you these questions, even if you describe your partner or show a photo of her.

2- Budget

You need to establish a budget, you since it is possible to find all the possible price of the ring, you will need a price range in order to begin dropping pondering.

There is a protocol used for the budget of the engagement ring. It is that the ring must cost three months of the man’s salary; however times have changed, you can consider this way of setting your budget or establishing how much you want to spend on it.

3- The diamond and its type of cut

There are several factors that increase the value of the diamond and therefore make it look more brilliant and spectacular.

You should look for excellent cut Diamond engagement ring. They reflect almost all of the light that enters and make the ring look amazing.   You must also consider the color of the diamond. There is a classification from D to Z.

Diamonds D, E, F, and G are the closest to being colorless diamonds, and the farther they are from D means they will have a yellowish.

4- Metal color

Very good, you have already chosen the diamond, now you will have to choose the color of the frame material.

White gold is the one that is most frequently chosen today for its great versatility and elegance.

 But do not get carried away 100% by this. Maybe your partner likes yellow gold or rose gold more, so it will be a matter of you seeing what type of tone is the favorite of your beloved.

Conclusion: If you are looking for an engagement ring for the love of your life, they recommend you visit their solitaire section or likewise visit any of their branches. In Mario Ramos, they will gladly guide you based on your needs, tastes, and requirements.

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