Making Slime at Home Requires High Degrees of Safety and Care

Slime. That ooey, gooey, sticky – and, yes, slimy too! – substance is such fun to play with. And I don’t mean just for kids. Adults, too, have loads of fun with it, and it’s a great bonding tool for families to come together to spend quality time. But here’s a caution about slime: If you plan to make slime at home, make sure you’re aware of the risks that come with that decision.

Great Rewards

It’s true – rewards only come with risks. But some risks aren’t worth the rewards they deliver. And making slime at home, without understanding the consequences, is one such risk. The final product – slime – is almost like the greatest invention since the wheel!

Who would have thought, that just a few simple household ingredients, including:

  • polyvinyl alcohol (contained in PVA glue)
  • borate ion (that resides in Baking soda); and
  • contact lens solution

…are all you need to make slime? That’s it! You can do it on your kitchen counter, on your dinner table, or on your home-office desk. And then, sliming unlocks a world of fun, play, and adventure. From arts and crafts projects, to teaching kids invaluable lessons about chemical reactions, viscosity, shapes, and everyday objects. The sky is the limit!

Add a splash of food color to your slime recipe, and produce amazing pink slime that you can use to create awesome things, including rainbows, flowers, and other pretty, colorful, creations.

…But Real Risks!

However, there are hidden risks in “playing” with some of those ingredients used to create your slime at home. Recipes that include borax are dangerous, especially when handled near kids or people with compromised immune systems. It’s the same ingredient used in laundry detergent and pool cleaning products. It is also a known nose, eye, and respiratory tract irritant. And some people are allergic to food colour containing specific ingredients, like nut oils.

It’s clear that, unless you establish all the necessary good manufacturing processes at home, the risks from homemade slime are real. Besides, it’s so much trouble to source all those products, stage them safely in a home full of kids, and then make your slime!

So, is there an alternative?

The Better Way

Yes, there is! Go online and source all the slime you need, including pink slime, Choco Chip slime, Fruity Pebbles Pancakes slime, Strawberry Shortcake slime…and a lot more! Reputed manufacturers and slime distributors have industrial-scale safety measures that won’t allow dangerous ingredients or products to come to market – so they’re 100% safe for everyone.

The slime you buy online also comes with added bonuses: Great scent, realistic-looking products, beautiful packaging…and plenty of add-ons and accessories, such as sprinkles, sparkles, and charms. What’s more, when you make slime at home, you likely won’t get the benefit of surprise gifts, bonus points, and lots of discounts and rebates. For larger orders, slime industry leader CornWithSlime also offers an easy-pay installment plan.

So, why go through the stress of making slime at home, and worrying about all the hazards and risks it poses. Instead, order your slime online, and start having fun, sliming, instantly!

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