3 Styles of Fridges Every Homeowner Must Consider Before Buying One

Your fridge is one of the most important home appliances, so you need to think a lot on finding the right model for your needs. You need to consider the capacity, type of the fridge, extras if you need etc. There are a plethora of models to choose from and a lot of terms to understand. So let this article guide you when you are looking for a rabais frigidaire. You need to determine the type of fridge you want.

There are many styles of fridge available in the market like:

  • Direct cool single door

These door fridges don’t have a frost free function and is ideal for small families or if you’re single. These are the most traditional fridges ever and bear a single door. As they don’t have a frost free function, you need to get it defrost from time to time with the help of Defrost button. The size is around 50 liters to 270 liters and are the cheapest of all.

  • Frost free double door

These fridges have auto defrost and separate compartments for freezer and fresh vegetables and food. They are usually frost free and circulate flow of air for avoiding any ice accumulation. The vegetable tray is equipped inside the fridge as they are bigger than single door fridges and are ideal for families of four or more. They also have more shelf space than the single door fridges and also have adjustable shelving. The freezer can be equipped on the top or bottom. The sizes may vary from 200 to 500 liters. The prices are moderate but may cost more if buying a bigger size.

  • Top mount freezers

As the name suggests, the freezer comes on the top of the fresh food department. These fridges are more energy efficient than other counterparts as the compress is placed very far from the freezer. In other words, there is no heat source near the unit. As there is no heat, the freezer doesn’t stress much to keep it cool. The inevitable con here is that as the fresh food compartment is placed lower, you may have to bend every now and then to have access to that part. As the fresh food is the most accessed part, and if you have back issues, then you may have a hard time opening the fridge.

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