Get an Uninterrupted Sleep Every Night by Choosing the Right Mattress

The seemingly limitless mattress options available in the market can feel overwhelming. Especially, if you have back or neck pain, the right mattress can make all the difference to the pain. Navigating the stores and browsing through different sites with contradictory reviews will leave you in need for a good nap.

There is no one mattress that suits all. Though all mattresses appear similar, they are made from different components that dictate their durability and comfortable level and its suitability according to a person’s height, weight and shape. Mattress360 is one of the best mattress stores in phoenix. They have a number of brands catering to everyone’s needs. Know about the different types of the mattress options beforehand to know which one is apt for you.

Latex: It has superior bounciness, breathability and comfort. The mattress springs back quickly when pressure is applied. Apart from being eco-friendly, they are naturally cool and don’t pose heating problems. They are heavier than other mattresses and expensive than regular spring coil mattress.

Memory Foam: They reduce pressure on the spine and promote good blood flow during sleep. Its anti-microbial and anti-dust mite properties results in a healthy sleep environment. It involves less maintenance but quite heavy and has heating problems.

Hybrid: It combines the best qualities of Innerspring and latex mattress. They are better than innerspring mattresses with respect to contouring to your body but are comparatively expensive than other mattresses of similar quality.

Pillow Top: It is a good option for those looking for a comfortable bed but prefer more support than latex bed or memory foam bed. An additional layer of padding is sewn on top to provide extra support. They are affordable and relive aches and pain. They are less durable and less effective for heavier people though.

  • Lightweight sleepers: Choose a mattress that feels soft as firm ones could cause shoulder pain. Soft ones prevent the body from sinking thus ensuring good spine alignment.

  • Heavyset sleepers: Those who weigh 230 pounds or more require a mattress that strikes a balance between firmness and softness. High density foam is apt for side or stomach sleepers.
  • Pregnant women: Pregnant women can opt for hybrid mattress or slightly softer memory foam. Gel-based ones have less heat retention. Find something between soft and firm.

It’s your mattress, your back and your sleep. Don’t make compromises when purchasing a mattress. Research and get a suitable one.

The most important thing to consider when choosing for Best mattress brands is that you can sleep on their mattress every night. It needs to be comfortable and supportive, but also not too expensive.

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