Make Keeping Your Home Clean Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year gives a fresh start to everyone. People tend to make some New Year resolutions that will serve as their objective and guidance for the entire year. If your resolution includes keeping your house clean and organized, start by doing general cleaning. Once done with the clean-up, hire a company offering junk removal in New York to eliminate the trash that you collected conveniently.

The job doesn’t stop after the general cleaning; the next part will be more challenging because it’s about keeping it that way. It’s easy to slip up and let the place go back to being disorganized if you don’t commit yourself. There are ways to keep your home in a clean state.

Put things back after every use

It’s a simple step that can help you big time. The house can quickly get messy if you don’t put things back where they belong. The little things that you leave can pile up in no time, and before you know it, you’re looking at a disorganized home again. Don’t let this happen by ensuring that you put back something that you used where it should be. It will also make it easier for you to find things that you need.

Clean one room at a time

Cleaning the entire house every day may not be practical, especially if you have other work to do. However, you can set a schedule each day to clean at least one area at a time. For instance, you can go with the bathroom one day, then the bedroom the following day. At the end of the week, the entire house will be clean. Since you are doing it regularly, it will prevent dirt from piling up, so it will get easier to keep the place tidy.

Do a power clean

A 10 to 15-minute power clean before going to bed is also something that you can do. Wipe the counters, throw trash in the garbage can, clean the sink, or sweep the floor. Do a quick scan and see what you can clean or anything that you might have missed that needs to be back in its place.

Create a cleaning routine

Develop a routine that you can do every day. For example, fix the bed as soon as you get up, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and clean the dishes after dinner. If you do this each day, it will turn into a habit, and it will become part of your daily routine. You will be doing it automatically, even without thinking about it.

Get the entire family involved

Every family member must be engaged. They need to do their part in ensuring that the house is clean and organized, especially as they are living in the same space. Your family must always be committed to keeping it that way. Assign tasks to them so you can help each other out in ensuring your home stays neat.

Your New Year resolution of keeping your home clean can happen with your commitment and with the tips provided above.


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