The Benefits of Origin Bifold Doors

If you are considering bifold doors for your home, you should look at Origin bifold doors. Origin is a premium manufacturer, and they offer many options and a range of more than 150 RAL colours. They follow the international standard and have their ISO901 accreditation, showing that they are dedicated to quality. Take a look at some of the benefits of choosing these doors.

They Are Made with Families in Mind

Origin bifold doors are made for families. Many people want to blend indoor and outdoor living, and they have children and pets in the home. They want doors that are safe for children and durable enough to last. These doors come with a guarantee for up to 20 years, and people can choose from standard colours for quick installation, or they can order special RAL colours and wait a few weeks.

They Are Engineered and Made in Britain

Another benefit to buying Origin bifold doors is that they are engineered and made in Britain. They are manufactured with high-quality engineering, and they are often one of the focal points of the home. They need to look great but also perform without any flaws. They are safe and open and close effortlessly. They are also made of aluminium and easy to operate.

They Come in Two Ranges

You can choose either the OB-49 or the OB-72 when you choose Origin bifold doors. Both have slim profiles and blend in seamlessly. They have strong aluminium, and the primary difference is the sightlines that they achieve. They are both accredited and come with up to a 20-year guarantee.

They Come with Guarantees

When you install Origin bifold doors, they are built to last, and they come with a guarantee. They have a 10-year guarantee on the installation, a 20-year guarantee on the frames, and a 10-year guarantee on most of their glass units. You can buy them with confidence because the manufacturer stands behind their products.

You Have Choices When Ordering

When you order the Origin bifold doors, you can choose supply and delivery, or you can choose supply, delivery, and full installation. The first option is for people who want to provide the measurements and then complete the installation on their own. You still get an operation manual and a comprehensive fitting manual, and you have support from the aftersales team. If you want the full installation, you get the installation guaranteed for 10 years, and they will take care of everything in the process.

If you’re in the market for a top-quality contemporary doors external, look no further than your local experts. With years of experience, we can help you find the perfect door for your needs.

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