Shopping For an RV Air Conditioner? Here are Mistakes to Avoid

An RV or camper is one of the major purchases that you can make. It allows you to explore the world and enjoy fun moments with loved ones. However, all the components of your RV should be functioning efficiently; otherwise, faulty parts will ruin your journey. One of the crucial components of your RV is the AC unit. It cools your camper, ensuing cool quality air during hot weather. If it’s faulty, the best way to resolve the dilemma is to acquire a new AC.

 Luckily, you’ll get all manner of air conditioning in the market. With online stores coming up each day, sampling different brands has never been easier. You can now get the perfect match for your RV and with a lot of ease. There’s a trick, though! With the many products available, mistakes are inevitable. And you may end up with the wrong AC if not careful.

 What are the blunders to avoid when buying RV Air Conditioner?

  1. Choosing the wrong size

 There’s a wide collection of rv air conditioning units in the market, and choosing the best size can be daunting. While you may have a brand in mind, the size is also critical. You’ll get both small and big sizes in the market, but the size is dependent on your rig.

RVs with large panoramic windows will likely heat faster, hence requiring a bigger and powerful AC. 13,500 BTU units are the standard size for most campers. But for RVs, over 8mm, consider having more than one AC unit to circulate cool air to the entire rig.

An undersized AC won’t cool your entire RV and will lead to higher energy bills. Similarly, an oversized unit will use more energy.

Other factors determining the most appropriate AC size include;

  • Square footage
  • Ambient temperature
  • Number of rooms
  1. Not considering energy efficiency

 Ac units consume a lot of power, and energy efficiency is a factor worth considering. Just like with appliances in your home, you may end up spending a lot on power bills, and not considering the unit’s energy usage is a grave blunder.

Although the energy efficiency might influence the cost of the device, it’s worth investing in an AC that will save you a lot of cash in the future. Most AC units come with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio; this shows how much your system emits for every energy unit consumed. The higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient it is. The standard SEER for AC units is 13, and air conditioners above 16 are highly energy efficient.

  1. Forgoing quality for the price.

 As we all know, price is a key consideration when shopping. It not only applies to AC units but many other appliances in the market. However, with air conditioners, it’s quite different. You may want to get the best bargains in the market, which saves a lot.

But, ask yourself, what quality am I getting? Remember, you’ll use the AC unit for years, and you want to get the best quality possible. This will save a lot on repairs and breakdowns, which can be costly. Therefore, don’t compromise on quality to save some cash. Choose a unit featuring durable materials and the ability to maximize energy efficiency.

  1. Improper research

Research furnishes you with information about a certain product and avoids many mistakes. Firstly, you should understand your needs and search for different air conditioning units online. Sadly, most people find this tedious and rush to purchase the most enticing AC unit.

 If you’re this kind of buyer, you may end up missing on quality units and still spend more. So, don’t fall for this trap; examine the different units available, learn their features and compare costs between different manufacturers.

The brand also matters; search for reviews from previous buyers and check what others say about the product. For instance, most buyers prefer Furrion, rv air conditioning units, thanks to their durability and quality. The positive reviews from previous buyers attract more buyers, making the brand stand out.

  1. 5Not getting a warranty. 

A purchase warranty saves a lot of trouble when your unit necessitates repairs. In some cases, you may purchase an AC only to realize that it’s faulty or some components are broken. The easiest way to get a replacement is through a warranty.

However, some illegitimate sellers don’t give a sale warranty. And this makes it hard if you want the unit replaced or repaired later on. This may cost you a lot, and this is why you should insist on a warranty when shopping.

 Where can I get quality RV Ac units?

 There are different AC manufacturers, and you’ll get the best brands online. For instance, Furrion is renowned f its quality products and a wide selection for all your needs. You will not only get RV AC units but many other appliances for home and commercial use. If seeking a rooftop air conditioner for your camper, you can be sure to get quality and energy-efficient devices for all sizes.

Their units are powerful and normally feature 120V, and will withstand harsh conditions on the road. Still, you can get manual and multizone controls to match your budget and comfort needs.

 What of the cost? Every unit comes with a different price tag, and for apparent reasons. The price depends on the size, efficiency, material, brand and more.

Bigger and highly efficient air conditioners are costly than their smaller counterparts. The shopping time also matters, and you’ll sometimes come across amazing offers. These may be over the weekend, end month or summer offers. Take advantage of this to get a quality unit for less.

Wrapping up

Once you have bought a quality AC unit, follow the manual and perform regular maintenance to enhance its durability. Clean the filters to avoid dirt buildup, and inspect the cover regularly. It protects your AC from dirt and dust, and you should replace it when cracked or brittle. Lastly, don’t recharge your AC. In case of issues, consult a technician or acquire a new device. Be sure to get a warranty; it will come in handy in case of malfunctions.

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