Vaping: A Social Trend That is Here to Stay

Vaping has been around since the turn of the century, and this harmless habit has been the reason why thousands of Australians have managed to quit smoking. Ask any smoker and they will gladly confirm that a deep craving for nicotine is always present during the first few weeks of trying to quit, and this is what usually causes the smoker to return to the cigarette, yet with vaping, you are feeding that nicotine craving.

Vaping is Socially Acceptable

Unlike smoking, which is known to harm those in close proximity to the smoker, vaping is openly enjoyed by many adults, and it is not unusual for a person at a party to vape while engaging in conversation. Indeed, many non-vapers love the pleasant aromas that are associated with vaping, thanks to the hundreds of unique flavours that e-liquid comes in. If you would like to source a starter vape kit in Australia, there is a leading online vape supplier who stocks everything you could wish for, including the latest state of the art vaping devices.

A Hit with Young People

Vaping is certainly popular with the 18-25 year old sector, with users that design and build their own devices, plus people who become talented in creating shapes with the vapour. Vaping can be quite complex if you delve into the special components that can be purchased from the online vaping supplier. Young people like to share their favourite flavours with their friends, and you often see a vape group in the corner when at a party.

An Aid to Stop Smoking

Of all the many so-called quitting smoking remedies, vaping is the only one that offers a realistic method to quit smoking tobacco, and it is effective because vaping gives the user a controlled dose of nicotine, therefore, they can stop smoking without going through the nicotine cravings that usually accompany any attempt to stop smoking. By controlling your daily dosage of nicotine, it is possible to wean yourself off nicotine within a few months, then you can vape with non-nicotine e-liquid, as you are no longer dependent on nicotine.

Medical Research

Vaping has been under a lot of scrutiny and despite several serious attempts by the tobacco lobby to discredit vaping, it has grown in popularity, as there are no significant health risks. The number of people who have successfully managed to quit smoking thanks to the e-cigarette is growing, and, of course, many ex-smokers stay with vaping as it offers a wide range of delicious flavours.

It is important to purchase vaping equipment and accessories from an established supplier who only sells the very best brands, as there are cheap imitations, which should be avoided. If you are interested in learning more about vaping, the Internet has a wealth of free resources on every aspect of e-cigarettes, and once you have made the decision to order a starter kit, this can be done through an online provider.

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