Five Tips Flipped Home Buyers Should Consider

Real estate investors renovate properties to rent and sell. Discerning the good from the bad flipped homes can be tricky as contracting for home flipping is unregulated. As a result, this will make it difficult to tell the contractor with an adequate skill set and experience. Those who are looking to purchase a flipped house should not concentrate on their favorite details in the updated bathroom and kitchen too much. And to spot any faults in the house that might be hiding beneath the surface,

they must consider the following tips:

Check Cabinets Beneath Sinks

Often, buyers of flipped homes concentrate on a home’s cosmetic appeal instead of its functionality. But, they should also check the cabinets beneath the sinks and other areas they can easily open to see the condition of the space. Flipped home buyers that can find any spray-painted drain lines, wiring, and disposal should think that slipper or contractor is covering up a dated disposal. That is why they should buy a flipped from those who take rehabbing houses seriously.

Check the Faucets

Most work in flipped homes is usually in the bathrooms and kitchens. Buyers can turn on the water in such spaces to see if there are any plumbing problems. Inspecting the faucets can disclose if water hoses are properly hooked up or cold or hot water is running on the appropriate side. Also, this can indicate if there are problems with the water pressure.

Examine the Baseboards and Paint

In terms of basic cosmetic work, buyers must trust their instincts. Baseboards or paint lines that look uneven indicate the flipper made shortcuts throughout the home. Look at the way the baseboard, floor, and wall meet to check for straight lines.

Visit the Attic

Typically property buyers don’t look on the unfinished attic. In flipped houses, the attics do not get necessary maintenance and buyers can discover poor insulation, leaks on the roof, and even safety hazards such as wiring defects.

Check the Water Heater

Water heaters are a huge expense in terms of fixing up a house and buyers can easily tell when it hasn’t been updated. The majority of water heaters have a stick that tells the date the appliance was made. If a flipped home’s water heater is rusted out and looks terrible, then they must calculate the amount they will spend to buy a new water heater and work this into the contract. Also, how the plumbing around the water heater looks also indicates whether the flipper has recently done plumbing work.

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