Classy Retirement Gift Set For Your Fave Teacher

Once in a while, you’ll come across that one teacher that leaves a lasting impression, whether it be from a challenging interest lesson in your math class, a motivating speech in your theatre class, or an inspiring classroom discussion in your science class.

Retiring teachers deserve something more than the standard thank you gift. In a perfect world, each retiring teacher would receive a gift box of all the things that have made them feel at home to help keep their memories alive.

 To help you out, we’ve rounded up six of the best retirement gift ideas to get you started.

  1. Scotch Whisky Gift Box

Any whiskey connoisseur will appreciate the rugged taste and smoothness of a fine whisky. If your favourite teacher likes to unwind with a drink after class, this is the perfect retirement gift to have on hand when they’re ready to celebrate their retirement.

  1. A Photo Book of Favorite Memories

If you have an old photo album you’ve made in the past or digital photos saved on your phone, gather them all together and put them in a fun design online or with software like Shutterfly.

It’s a gift of celebration, nostalgia and love to make your favourite teacher feel like they’re still in the classroom.

  1. A Ticket to Their Favorite Theater Show or Concert

Teachers are often the ones who introduced you to music, theatre, or sports. A gift of a ticket serves as a thoughtful reminder that you can still appreciate the things that made them so great.

 Spice up a concert ticket with some earbuds and an audio mixing board so they can enjoy their favourite tunes while they’re out enjoying the show.

  1. A Luxury Spa Day Gift Card

A gift card to their preferred high-end spa is the perfect way to help your teacher relax and unwind, much like they no doubt helped in your classroom.

Throw in a cute mug with a funny saying and spa beads to help them feel even more luxurious during the experience.

  1. The Ultimate Coffee Maker

Coffee is the most important beverage of all. A fancy, high-end coffee maker will be a useful tool for their future mornings that they won’t want to live without ever again.

Throw in a bag of their blend and some good cream to go with it, and you have a special retirement gift that is sure to be a hit!

  1. A Self-Help Book

A book that helps break down the complex world of retirement planning will be a great retirement gift for your favourite retiring teacher. On top of teaching them how to plan for retirement, it also helps them realize how uniquely capable they are as individuals and how much they can accomplish independently.

Give your teacher the gift of realizing that retirement isn’t something you have to do alone, and read together with them in person or on their phone.

So whether it’s a miniature snowglobe filled with year-round spring weather, mini plastic replicas of buildings or the class’ fictional characters, personalized retirement gift sets like these are perfect for any teacher who has touched someone’s life in some way.

Do you have a favourite teacher’s retirement gift idea? Let us know in the comments!

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