Four Awesome Gifts from Quebec you can Bring Home

When you will be on holiday and want to see the amazing sights in Quebec, you also want to know how to bring a little taste of the region home with you.  Fortunately, whether you want to give something for yourself, a gift for your family, or Cadeau corporatif fait au québec, there are many options you can purchase during your holiday in Quebec. Below are the traditional Canadian gifts you should board the plane with:

Maple Syrup

Quebec is popular for its pure delicious maple syrup perfect for a foodie friend. The natural product has stood the test of time without losing its natural charm. These days, it has been exported to at least 50 countries across the globe. Many places sell pure maple syrup in Quebec that provides 100% pure Canadian maple syrup. There are different forms of maple syrup you can choose from including blonde, copper, amber, and others.

Ice Wine

Canadian ice wine is world-renowned that has won international awards and has put the spotlight on winemaking in the country. It is perfect as a dessert wine because of its intense flavours, smoothness, and rich taste. As with normal wine, it is produced from grapes; however, the grapes have been left on the vine following the fall harvest and handpicked and pressed after the temperature drops to -8ºC (or lower).

Smoked Salmon

Canada is known for its huge salmon population. You can purchase smoked sockeye salmon in a cedar box for only $37.00. This food option is famous for its rich flavour and bright red colour. Also, natural wild salmon jerky is available for a snack at a picnic or while taking part in some outdoor activities. You can get it at only $9.99. It is usually served with beer or salty cheese and olives. However, it is also a fun gift to bring home to a family member, colleague, or friend.


Wool Blanket

The cold winter in Canada comes with many perks including ice skating, snowshoeing, Northern Lights, husky rides, and the finest woollens to snuggle into. In terms of wool blankets, many clothing firms offer real quality items. You can get a wool blanket that can fit a standard king-size bed and imagine how lovely it would look and comfortable to snuggle into at home. Wool blankets make a perfect gift item for anyone in the cold months.

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